Make space for what matters.

Making space for what matters

Featured apartment: Unit 509 at The Smile, New York
Bumblebee drawer

Making space more efficient.

Bumblebee builds beautiful, modular products that bring all dimensions of your home to life.

Free Space

Create space for movement.

Turn your room into whatever moves you. Bumblebee expands your flexible space with a bed and storage that disappear into the ceiling.

bumblebee desk

Create space for work.

Store away distractions. Transform your bedroom into a fully functional home office. When done with work, stretch and play, or bring down the bed and call it a day.

Bumblebee bed and nightstand

Create space for rest.

Set routines to let Bumblebee automatically help you get ready for bed. Lower your bed, a box, dim the lights, and tuck in.

desk and space

Designed with purpose.

Making space needn't come with compromise. Carefully considered and beautifully crafted, Bumblebee is made for conscious living.

bumblebee drawer

Designed to adapt to your lifestyle.

With Bumblebee, your experience is at the center of it all. Your routines can drive automation to let your bed and storage quietly shift in and out of your space - based on when you need it.

bumblebee support

Designed to complement your life.

Bumblebee comes in a variety of finishes that blend naturally with your home. Style your space to fit you - Bumblebee will be your perfect backdrop.

Living space

A smarter home.

Seamlessness, simplicity and safety are the foundation of Bumblebee technology. Interacting with the system is effortless and inherently makes day-to-day life easier.

bumblebee app

Intelligent solutions.

Whether it’s moving your bed for a yoga session or quickly identifying the box with your favorite pants, the Bumblebee app lets you move and preview your boxes with ease.

kids room

Intelligent movement.

Bumblebee is built with safety in mind at every step. We’re always looking for ways to protect you and your home, including incorporating earthquake and fire safety standards.

bumblebee installation

Intelligent integration.

All of Bumblebee is mounted to your ceiling and connected to a single power outlet. Plus, enjoy Siri connectivity for a home that responds to you.

Studio Unit Shown with Bed + 6 Storage,
Console and Ceiling Desk

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Ceiling System

Ceiling Desk

Create 12 ft2 of space


Create 90 ft2 of space

Bed + 2 Storage

Create 110 ft2 of space

Bed + 4 Storage

Create 170 ft2 of space

Bed + 6 Storage

Create 190 ft2 of space





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Smart lighting (ambient and module), drivetrain warranty, over-the-air updates, voice control, search, lock-box and more!

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Designed in San Francisco.

In homes everywhere.


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